Technical Program

Conference full program

The ICNF 2019 program can be found here.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

  • Ultra-Low-Noise Design of CMOS Image Sensors toward Photoelectron-Counting-Based Wide Dynamic Range Imaging
    Shoji Kawahito, Shizuoha University, Japan
  • Low-frequency noise in switched MOSFET circuits
    Alper Demir, Koc University, Turkey
  • Phase noise and frequency stability in oscillators
    Enrico Rubiola, Université Franche-Comté, France
  • Low-frequency noise of charge-density and spin waves
    Alexander Balandin, University of California, USA

Confirmed Invited Talks

  • Jamal Deen, McMaster University
    Low-Frequency Noise in Electrochemical Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring
  • Eva M. Weig, University of Konstanz
    Noise-induced nonlinear dynamics of high Q nanomechanical resonators
  • Yong Jin, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
    Design and realization of ultra-low noise cryoHEMTs for cryogenic readout electronics
  • Tomislav Stankovski, Lancaster University
    Noise in Interacting Biological Systems
  • Bruno Guillet, Normandie Univerity
    Low-frequency noise considerations for sensors based on manganites
  • Antonio Liscidini, University of Toronto
    Thermodynamics limits in Oscillators and Phase Locked Loops
  • Janusz Smulko, Gdansk University of Technology
    Noise in electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLCs)
  • Oren Tal, Weizmann Institute
    Electronic noise due to temperature differences across nanoscale conductors: beyond standard thermal and shot noises
  • Susumu Komiyama, The University of Tokyo
    Nanoscopy of charge kinetics via terahertz fluctuation
  • Christoforos Theodorou, IMEP-LAHC, Grenoble INP
    LFN and RTN in Nanoscale Devices: Modeling and Impact on Circuit Operation
  • Jens Mueller, Goethe Universität Frankfurt
    Charge carrier dynamics of strongly-correlated electrons in low-dimensional molecular metals studied by fluctuation spectroscopy
  • Gino Giusi, Università di Messina
    Contact effects, Stability and Noise Investigation in Organic Thin-Film Transistors
  • Andries J. Scholten, NXP
    Devices MOSFET RF noise benchmark tests
  • Andries J. Scholten, NXP
    Statistics of low-frequency noise in MOSFETs
  • Edouard Pinsolle, Université de Sherbrooke
    Noise in Diffusive Conductor
  • Sergey Rumyantsev, Polish Academy of Sciences
    Low-Frequency Noise in Low -Dimensional van der Waals Materials.